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»Thug:Remixed Sampler« by Tim Koch

Cover of Thug:Remixed Sampler

To coincide with the release of the long-awaited Aural IndustriesCD, “Thug:Remixed” (go to their page for info on how to order!), us here @ Monotonik are proud to release a 3-track sampler with a taste of the re-interpretations of Tim Koch/ Thug [Defocus, AI, Surgery] available on the disc itself.

Although the CD contains remixes by a whole bunch of other supercool idm types (Pimmon, Aspen, Superscience, Octopus Inc, Sense, and more!), we picked three of the most intriguing to put out there.

First up, Swedish duo Boulderdash, best known for their landmark 2000 release on RUC, “We Never Went to Koxut Island”, re-interpret Thug’s “123Heart” in heartbreaking style, all irregular drum gorgeousness and soulfelt layered shuffle.

Secondly, we find Sydney, Australia-based Quark Kent re-editing Tim’s “Let Us Chip” into an almost dub-sharp drum idm pot-pourri, with Orb-ish Pepperpot weird-ass vocal samples sneaked into the mix too. Eerie.

Finally, Finland’s Lackluster, not a stranger to Monotonik release-lists himself, contributes a typically pure-of-heart remix of “Quasipede”, starting out all coy and shy, before slipping in a marvellous sine-bass and allowing it to skip all around our head for the final part of the song. All in all, a satisfying conclusion.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk080
Music Style: IDM
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