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»Low Flying Planes« by Idmonster

Cover of Low Flying Planes

We’re delighted to present another release from the divine UK-er and ex-Butterfly Child dream-pop-ster, Pendle, in his cheeky Idmonster alias. With recent Idmonster material on real-world compilations from Neo-Ouija and Notype, people seem to really dig his smooth, truly serene style, which he puts to good use composing soundtracks for a diverse range of TV documentaries in the UK. And we treasure the ‘Monster too :)

His latest track, “Low Flying Planes”, is magisterially ethereal. It starts with what sounds like alien birdsong and percussive rain falling on distant worlds, and ends with faint, pure tones percolating through the mist and into our consciousness. Which is currently going ‘bip’, if you get our drift. And even if not, we’re sure you’ll appreciate Idmonster’s drift - this is almost reminiscent in tone of early pioneers like Talk Talk, but with a style all its own.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk072
Music Style: IDM
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