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»Monkeywarning« by Goto80

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The Commodore 64 is still one of the most amazing-sounding pieces of musical kit of the past 20 years. And, fresh from his acclaimed “Papaya EP” 7” on Bleep Street Records, which mixes up vocoders with divine SID riddims, Swedish wiz Goto80 shows us why the pure sound of the C64 is still king.

“Monkeywarning”, his debut release for Monotonik, is an 11 minute megamix of idm.tracks purely composed on the Commodore 64 (no wimpy SIDStation action here), with only mixing and a couple of delay effects constructed outside of the C64 itself.

The breadth of styles and sounds that Goto80 wrings out of the box quite frankly beggars belief, from the sub.dub.d+b of the first track, “Amylnitrat”, all the way through to the spectacularly complex bippetybop funk of the final resolution, “Truth”. The end result is something that’s brand new and retro.. from the get go :)

The tracklisting for the megamix is as follows:

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk069
Music Style: CHIP TUNE
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