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»Icy L Tap« by Sense

Cover of Icy L Tap

The first Monotonik release of 2002 is from the much-admired Australian ambient.idm maestro, Sense. Fresh from his much feted Neo Ouija album, “View From A Vulnerable Place”, Sense was kind enough to let us release this new track, “Icy L Tap”, which is featured on the “Annexe” 2xCD compilation now available from Neo Ouija.

The “Annexe” compilation also features great artists like Kettel, Lackluster, Bauri, Idmonster, Xela and more - so we suggest you go to right now and order “Annexe: Cottage Industries 2” online, or else wait for it to hit stores later this month.”Icy L Tap” is a simply gorgeous piece of drifting ambient electronica, all at once calm, but bubbling under the surface with echoes of peace and harmony. There’s so many levels at once to appreciate this music on, but our favorite is the ‘hit repeat button and close eyes’ one. Life can be beautiful. And Sense shows us how.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk068
Music Style: IDM
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