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»Where's My Parka? EP« by Ckid

Cover of Where's My Parka? EP

In his second release for Monotonik, German artist Ckid (also known as Crashkid) expands on his chilled but warm style that’s marvellously close to the indie side of electronica, and all the better for it. We can only stand the beeps for so long, you know.

So, lead-off track “TV-People” tickles you under the chin with drifty organ and crispy percussion action, before phasing in and out some nifty melodics. See, drifty, crispy, nifty? At which point, “Speaksoon” takes organic sounds and skips around with them quite dreamily, all August afternoons and sunny meadows. We like sunny meadows.

With all this evocative evocation going on, it’s not surprising Ckid has a 12” forthcoming on smart indie label Becalmed Records at the start of 2002, plus multiple remixes and compilation projects (Couchblip, Simball, et aliis..) forthcoming. Eez good, yah?

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk065
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