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»0EO« by Proswell

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Though we’ve admired his work on the net.label Inpuj, plus current/forthcoming releases on Merck and Saundart, we haven’t had a chance to put out anything from US idm.artist Proswell.. until now, that is.

But “0EO”, possibly named after a certain chip-tune related tracker-based command which you can hear used on the track, is a really enchanting piece of intelligently puttering idm-ness, again, sorta indescribable in its multiple layering and soaring subtle sounds, but a little reminiscent of the most delicate, sweetest artists around - Isan, Mum, BoC?

And when everything kicks in, “0EO” is like a slumber-filled tint on the kind of euphoria you got when you watched and listened to “Music Sounds Better With You”, seeing a kid launching a glider off a grassy hill in the hazy summer heat, the beats looping and quietly endorphin-rushing over and over. Significantly, slinkily.. yum.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk061
Music Style: IDM
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