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»Sweaty Palms« by MD

Cover of Sweaty Palms

His last release on Monotonik was wayback when we were putting out .MODs, so it’s a delight to finally put out another tune from Helsinki native, Jaakko Manninen, aka md, and as our 50th Monotonik release, too.

Now residing in London, his “Appelsap” mp3-release was put out on CD by Merck Records recently, including some great remixes from Thug, Ilkae, Crankshaft (Yolk!), and even Warp-signed Brothomstates, and his “Between Gaps” opus, formerly due out as the first release on the scrapped Monotonik ‘real-life’ record label, is now due in the near future from Merck (and is well worth the wait!)

In any case, “Sweaty Palms” is a great example of the new and way-ahead md style, dense as feck and full of foreboding bassrumble and cut-to-heck drums and Finnish voices. It grooves, but in an unholy way, and we like this, like it a lot.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-07
Release-ID: mtk050
Music Style: IDM
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