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»Please Annihilate Oulu« by Please Annihilate Oulu

Cover of Please Annihilate Oulu

A debut of sorts and a comeback in other ways, as a mysterious Finnish artist called (for the purposes of this release) Please Annihilate Oulu gives us two starkly contrasting tracks.

To start things off right, “Copyplate” is a truly virtuoso piece of freejazz vs. drill+bass vs. whoknows, and is quite unlike anything out there right now. Don’t worship the glitch, worship the crazy itch. On the other hand, “Lissabon”, from a couple of years back, is a calmly authoritative piece of tick-tock, string-flecked melancholia. Blissful.

Who is he? Those who remember the Amiga demo-scene will know him well. He’d prefer to be known for here+now, tho, so let’s just say - Rebels, Virtual Dreams, CNCD, we’d love to ‘meet+greet’ him - oh, you know the score.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-07
Release-ID: mtk043
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