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»Powerman« by _ And The Secret Formula

Cover of Powerman

Far be it for us to be mysterious, but _ And The Secret Formula is damn spooky in his (its?) ability to glide up to our virtual front door, throw an mp3-containing brick thru it, and disappear back into the night again. Who was that masked musician?

In this case, it was a masked musician who starts by cutting up rap lyrics into miniscule pieces, and then re-assembling them into geek-beatbox-heaven. Then dump a damn funky beat over the top, a little booty bass, some slick synth licks, and you end up with a weirdly unclassifiable piece of electronics. It’s like if Ol’ Dirty Bastard had gone to school with magnetic techno monkeys, innit?

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-07
Release-ID: mtk037
Music Style: IDM
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