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»Woozy Dog« by Aquaboogie

Cover of Woozy Dog

The debut on Monotonik from New Zealand-based Aquaboogie, “Woozy Dog” is a ultra-spaced electro-tinted stroll through fields of.. well, if we could just focus a little better, we could work out what they were fields of, but the Earth’s moving a bit fast.. we’d better have a sit down… stares vacantly into space, grinning..

[Such is the power of Aquaboogie’s narcotic atmospherics, our song-describing blokes appear to have taken a funny turn. Suffice to say, some neat dialog-rippling and wonderfully laconic loops of non-fury mean you’ll be lapping up the loping ambient groove from here to Venus, at least. Neptune, if we’re lucky.]

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-07
Release-ID: mtk033
Music Style: AMBIENT
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