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»702« by 3818919/w

Cover of 702

Something distinctly different, this mp3 release is from the English artist 3818919/w, of which little can be revealed - other than the fact he works in computer games as a graphics artist and is also responsible for the rather cool mp3-cover to this release.

This track was done with a cacophony of cantankerous old analogue synths and drum machines and is distinctly influenced by a number of Warp and Rephlex artists. But we like to think the beguiling melodies and intriguing percussion bring a markedly different approach to the whole idm conundrum - if, indeed, it should be called idm. Listen to the fluttering synths and the layers upon layers and the little flourishes and enjoy..

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-07
Release-ID: mtk004
Music Style: IDM
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