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»SIS Seven Inch Snails« by Tosaka

Cover of SIS Seven Inch Snails

Brian Brialy, aka Tosaka was born on February 3, 1979, in Brittany, France. As a child, Brian was fascinated with sound. Fascinated in a way that most musical prodigies aren’t, or as he may come to represent a new precedent, didn’t used to be. He wasn’t only interested in the standard definition of music (i.e. harmonies, melodies, conventional structures, etc.), but also in the otherworldy textures possible to create through technology.

Tosaka can take any piece of machinery and stretch it to its full noise making potential. The music he makes ranges from atmospheric ambient to intense hardcore techno. He played a gig once using only sandpaper, a food mixer, a microphone and a record player and went to the extreme at another show in not wanting the audience to just stand there and stare at him. Sitting on the floor in the corner of the stage, Brian was hidden even more by his computer monitor in front of him, a dancer provided the only visual angle to the performance. These antics petrified some, while intriguing others. “My music isn’t extreme at all !” yelps Brian, clearly appalled at the very suggestion, “I just like filling in the gaps that everyone else leaves out, that’s my motivation, and if that come across as extreme, then they’re the mental ones”.

Tosaka is highly prolific and uses various aliases to get all his material out, but he says once a track is completed it loses all importance to him as he moves on to the next thing. Why this man isn’t a household name is a wonder to me. Never marketed to a high degree, no one deserves to be heard more than Tosaka. I promise that if you have an open mind and love great music, Brian will reward you with a listening pleasure like none you have ever experienced. Your heart, mind and body will merge, and you will realize that you are in the presence of a one-of-a-kind genius.

These 2 tracks have been created with a special focus on the 7 number. Glitch, electronic and mystical, Listen to them !

Netlabel: Zeste
Release Date: 2006-02-10
Release-ID: zst004
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