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»Kiss And Run« by Trace

Cover of Kiss And Run

Trace has left traces indeed from his contribution to THN100 (the mysterious ‘Vicky’) and this release just takes on where he left. On his thinner debut EP Trace presents three conceptual tracks, which are likely to be characterized as being ‘raw’ and/or ‘pure’, as these tracks are all live recordings, no software utilized. Audible groundnoises and hissings are part of the concept and load on the unflatteringly direct lo-fi aesthetics.

The opener “Try To Die” is an earthy minimal tripper, which builds up slowly and develops misty ties surrounding the core pattern structures. Deeply sunken in its own basslines so that the bassdrum and the rest of the track barely move the track feels as if recorded on a buzzing cloud of earth moving. The second piece “Dream On” has an even more apocalyptic feel, with an ambivalent spleen, organs of doom and intruding voicesnippets. All of this bubbling melange of acccentuated beats and smoldering synths is nicely put to stage and may disrupt anytime.

The title track “Kiss And Run” is built on a simple, yet highly effective chord progression, giving a clear direction from the start and compiling all the 1996 drama into pure energy. The compact beats, which acuminate continously take the pattern to new heights. Last but not least we have an elusive remix by Zachary Krämer, a new kid on the block who remixes “City” and just takes his time to unfold a wonderful slow deephouser with earworm qualities. Overall a revitalising release for those who remember the past.

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2009-02-18
Release-ID: thn105
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB
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