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»Ultramar« by Gastón Arévalo

Cover of Ultramar

Following several other previous netlabel appearances, Uruguayan audiovisual artist and musician-producer Gastón Arévalo makes his debut appearance on netlabel Thinner with his new EP of organic grooves, textures, and ambient climates.

Inspired by his aesthetic appeal for nature, topography, oceans, and “the algorithmic forms of plants, trees, and green landscapes”, Gastón describes his four-track “Ultramar” EP as an expression of his passion for translating visual panoramas and climates “into a digital environment in the form of music” constructed from “impregnated rhythms of noises and organic sounds.”

Listening to “Ultramar” will reveal a rich, encompassing ambiance blending melodies played on conventional instruments with crisp grooves, saturated with ambient moods, and infused with minimal dub and electroacoustic influences. Each track renders a visual scene into the figurative language of music: “Ultramar” emulates a seascape of wind and waves while “Gourmet” carries with it the laidback atmosphere of an urban lounge setting. “Verona” delivers a spring-like vigor teasing the mind with images of leafing trees and rain-fed streams, and “Cinema” continues the organic theme being an edgy, grayish song - an audio portent of an immanent summer thunder-shower with billowing clouds and darkening skies.

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2007-10-22
Release-ID: thn099
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB
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