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»Classics« by Marko Fürstenberg

Cover of Classics

“Classics” is the fifth release Thinner release of german techdub wizard Marko Fürstenberg, who is one of the most prolific artists within the realms of Netaudio. After the 2003 “Gesamtlaufzeit” longplayer we haven’t seen a new release from him ‘cause since then Marko has been busy emphasizing on a more pounding minimal direction in order to further develop his pure dubtech by merging his sound with more reduced elements.

With this EP he once again provides four firm techdub rollers, that relate to the EP title as the tracks are styled the way the listener is experienced by listening to his Thinner releases. As always with Marko, the tracks are tight burners that will cause alarm on the floor. If you want to experience it by yourself then watch out for Marko’s Live appearances.

The first cut “T-Shape” is a perfectly building intro storm with grudging beats and flashing delay stabs. “Contract” continues with tight beats underlining dubby cut-off pads, while “Reactor3” is dark and heavy like a brewing thunderstorm where now and then lightnings erupt. The last track “Porn Infection” gambles with an obvious sample and puts it in a bed of longing faraway dubs. All tracks are easy to access and will probably make more than just your feet tap!

We hope you enjoy this EP and look as forward to Marko’s new material as we do too.

  1. T-Shape
  2. Contract
  3. Reactor3
  4. Porn Infection (Remix)

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2005-08-10
Release-ID: thn078
Music Style: DUBTECHNO
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