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»One Touch Button Remixes LP« by Benfay

Cover of One Touch Button Remixes LP

After Thinner’s summer holidays we welcome the next batch of Thinner releases with a remix compilation for Benfays versatile warm summer breezed ambient/lounge/dubhouse album “One Touch Button Music”. Since Benfay is a long time Thinner artist and had presented a playful and decent album in April, we felt it would become an exciting experience to ask our artists for their point of view.

This result “One Touch Button Remixes” is a compilation that features reinterpretations of the most wanted Thinner artists in between multiple genres of modern electronic music the original album provided.

Mikkel Metal, recently showing up with a new 12’’ on Kompakt, opens up with a sticky chemical interlude of “Elfenblond”, that loses the downbeats and creates glueing lava textures out of the sensitive original sounds.

Thinner’s Joerg Schuster, aka Digitalverein, prepared a melange of the mellow ingredients “Segelflieger” provided, utilizing tricky dub beats instead of the linear programming of the original, while Joerg being Lufth did a deeply filtered mix with stargazing dub chords and lush snaredrums. The easy-listening “Allein Unter Den Arkaden” received a concentrated transition by krill.minima, keeping the mellow emotionality of the original by directing the attention to the fragile riding cymbals and carefully placed fading melody dots.

Paul Keeley felt inspired enough to do two totally different remixes for “The Carribean Bar”, proving the diversity of the original material. His “Wet Coast Mix” is a shallow and soothing downbeat jam, while the “Starlight” mix features the clicky midnight deephouse spheres we use to get seduced by Paul. The fairytale “Jack And Jill” seemed to be perfect source material for Thinner’s lounge specialist Selffish, whose reinterpretation turned out more dashing and windy in relation to Benfays work.

The steamy “Oak” received a Pheek treatment, whose beats are more earthy, with clever shifting beats and rattling percussions. “Blüten-Konfetti” got reworked by TPolar, whose splatter houze bonus beats are foreground shaking, with the original pads fading over in the background .

Jason Corder, with his recent Thinner album in the backpack, did a stunning microhouse cut of “Flussbett”, with californic filter sweeps and easy dubs. And our old friend from Switzer- land, Niels Jensen, gave the subtle “Bluestone” his unique uplifting, yet carefully arranged pattern twist that shines through his hardware production methods. The remixes by Dennis DeSantis and Mateo Murphy turned out floorfilling, concrete and late night essential tools.

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2004-08-18
Release-ID: thn060
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB
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