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»Gesamtlaufzeit LP« by Marko Fürstenberg

Cover of Gesamtlaufzeit LP

Marko Fürstenberg is a well known and long-time Thinner Act, who has been releasing there continously for 2 years. Having released 3 EPs and performed numerous Live shows, his debut Thinner-Long player is well overdue.

“Gesamtlaufzeit“ was produced between March and September 2003, thanks to his laptop, completly mobile - every song in a different environments where Marko resided this year (between his stay in Canada, Norway, Sweden and his residence Thüringen/Germany).

A diary, converted to music with every location producing new impressions and creating diverse sample ressources. Marko is the kind of person searching for natural sounds, between campfires crackles, and rolling obstacles to give his tracks a certain identifying warmth. One can listen to the process of Fürstenbergs muscial maturity , that is obvious by the versatility and detailed harmonic moods on this album. The tracks circle around Dubhouse in the broader sense - with rambling pads and endless modulated ambient spheres, tight Groove monsters are created, underlayed with compressed bassdrums whenever appropriate.

Every track contains a certain grade of emotion - relating the dedications of the tracknames, that reflect on prevailing local circumstances. Every track has been scenically arranged and on top of it recorded live and direct. And so we are happy together with Marko to present his album in the very near future. There wouldn’t be a better season than Winter for his music.

  1. Rieth
  2. Offener Tisch
  3. Shop Work
  4. Gegenströmung
  5. Flüssige Reise
  6. Mimerlaven
  7. Steinbruch
  8. In Der Pappelei
  9. Stockhorn
  10. Rosengarten
  11. Come Home
  12. Stockhorn (SGI Remix)

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2003-12-15
Release-ID: thn047
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB
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