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»Back from Exile EP« by Breitbannt

Cover of Back from Exile EP

Techno on Thinner? Yes, but only for a very special purpose … one of the true myths of Demoscene Techno music has ever been Breitbannt from the legendary Schleudertrauma label. Schleudertrauma was a fasttracker module label back in 1998/1999 which released modules missing any information about the original composers since the premise has been to use monikers for every release. Back at that time there were a lot of rumours in the scene that asked who’d be behind Schleudertrauma. After five years of silence Schleudertrauma has returned lately and released ST039, available on

Our very special guest for THN035 is the person whose moniker is undoubtley connected with Schleudertrauma - Breitbannt, who has released superb material there. He went back to the roots and pulled out three straight, yet deep techno cuts for your pleasure. Enjoy.

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2003-07-14
Release-ID: thn035
Music Style: TECHNO
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