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»Sin:Ergy EP« by Digitalis

Cover of Sin:Ergy EP

Already having released on the recommended netlabel 2063music, the Duo Digitalis from Bern, Switzerland contribute a smoooth 4 tracker to Thinner. Each Track evolves huge fx landscapes with minimal beats and reduced expressions. Theres much to explore in this music, so headphones are definately recommended. This EP is calm and a perfect electronica blend with aspects of dub and ambience, made perfect for home listening.

“Schwellen” is a heavy subbass mover with pearling Glitterstrings, makes you see swimming in a aquarium through cloudily water. A Plastikman alike subbass with cold, distant effects and reservedly percussion make this track a cold nautic sensual enjoyment. “Port.Able” unfolds decent dark and metally soundscapes until a downbeat fades in with lovely playing dubby echochords and delays. Mysterious voices appear and disappear. “Formicula” comes up with sparkling affected chords, a 4/4 bassdrum with closed hihats. The syncopic bassline and shuffling hihats grasshop around, the scapes sound like ionisated gas outer space. On “Landing” we have aliens visiting, this song builds up slowly with a Kleine alike Bassline and sparse closed hihats, later a tough basskick merges to transform this song into a mover until it ends up in a spooky spacey voice ambient melange.

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2002-12-03
Release-ID: thn022
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB
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