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»Taumelflug« by Falter

Cover of Taumelflug

Strong delayed, but now finally out is the “Taumelflug EP” by Falter from Dortmund, Germany. In fact, his relationship to Thinner is based on his contact to Digitalverein. Before Falter now starts to work officially as our booker, he’s kind enough to let us release a superb floating dub 3-tracker, to let us see one of the most beautiful insects from a different point of view. “Taumelflug 1” is a dramatic heavy bassline dubber in best Traum context, which contantly keeps floating ahead the ground of mother nature.

“Zum Nektar Und Zurück” symbolizes the daily duty needs of a butterfly - to fly and get the nectar out of the flower - and to return home. Light melodies plus yellow chords, calm and infinitely delayed beats and a syncopic bassline reconstruct the dangerous flight of a falter, always so close of getting caught and eaten by a bigger bird. “Taumelflug 2” is a dark and profound process of the metamorphosis from a green caterpillar to a yellow butterfly in the later part of the song, once the familiar light pads fade in. Enjoy!


  1. Falter - “Taumelflug 1”
  2. Falter - “Zum Nektar Und Zurück”
  3. Falter - “Taumelflug 2”

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2002-11-17
Release-ID: thn021
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB
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