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»Zu Hause²« by Digitalverein

Cover of Zu Hause²

Joerg Schuster is a laptop musician who transforms his inspiration, which he catches either from the old-traditioned industrial buildings, but also with its energy-saving windmills futuristic landscapes of Dortmund, located in the central Ruhr-area. Since Joerg is also photographing and into videoart it was no question that he created something special with the Flash5 intro.

“Zu Hause2” is his first album as “Digitalverein”, which is his other project besides “Sensual Physics” on The difference between both projects is the more deep dub-affinity on Digitalverein, while Sensual Physics focuses more on danceable dubhouse around 127 BPM.

The opener “Der Heimat Tiefe” is dedicated to his local living place. Dusty hihats mark the steam coming out of the chimneys while the deep pads and subtle chipchords wrap the smell of hard and sweaty work, which workers have to afford in the mines. “Winterdumpf” has been produced early this year, while coldness and snow fell off the clouds. Distant delay stabs, claps and fading strings mark the snowy path. In the third track “3rd Und 6dis” Digitalverein shows his calm and melancholic side. Chords like weeping willows create a very melancholic mood i think, though Digitalverein says its still positive. The song is dedicated to his 3 year old son. On “Dub Sex” he becomes solid with well structured working chords n stabs and a shuffling basskick which makes your head nodding to the once again deep groove. “Warme Schicht” is maybe the best song here designed for chillout environments with its wide cutoffed and reverbed scapes. Very freezing, almost polar atmospheres and in best Thule Iceland fashion. “Tiefer ins system” starts also with notched and hissy pads, deep dub chords and shuffled shakes construct another dusty tune. With “Treppe Nach Unten” Digitalverein fires a furious final with a dubstomper rocking the clubs, marching bassdrums, shuffling hihats, pointed snares and sounds from steam engine locomotive go the straight direction until bended sunny strings fade out the track in glamour. As bonus we enclosed the Digitalverein liveact of the Mekka festival brings tunes released on his Sensual Physics album on Source Records, his first appearance for Thinner on Thinnerism01 and some unreleased tracks.


  1. Digitalverein - “Der Heimat Tiefe”
  2. Digitalverein - “Winterdumpf”
  3. Digitalverein - “3rd Und 6dis”
  4. Digitalverein - “Dub Sex”
  5. Digitalverein - “Warme Schicht”
  6. Digitalverein - “Tiefer Ins System”
  7. Digitalverein - “Treppe Nach Unten”
  8. Digitalverein - “Live@Mekka Symposium 2002”

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2002-04-29
Release-ID: thn014
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB
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