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»Nitron EP« by Benfay

Cover of Nitron EP

“Nitron” is the true followup of Benfays “Carbon” EP which was THN007 … 3 tough compressed banging techno tracks with chord shuffles, glueing stabs and wide rooms. All 3 tracks unfold their groove best during the night in the club, so if you’re from Switzerland you shouldnt miss Benfay when hes performing live in Berns clubs and bars with his laptop and audiosetup cause he only plays music from the net, including much Thinner and Rohformat material! A new EP from him for Thinner is already in the plannings.


  1. One In A Million
  2. Rheas Blues
  3. Time Test

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2002-04-04
Release-ID: thn012
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB
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