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»Dub Expo EP« by Dolby

Cover of Dub Expo EP

The german artist Dolby introduces this year for thinner with a dark, yet sinister dubtech 4tracker. “he0R” is a slowly rising gem of seething dark techno. “M1” leads to the classic German school of Basic Channel and shows how minimal decent dubby tracks can be. the 12 minute long epic “X09” merges experiments of widely reverbed dark fx with familiar structures until it reveals relaxed modulated filtered chordpatterns. “Outward” is THE experimental choon of this ep with lush crunching wooden knocks grinding onto an almost rubbed out rhythm surface. Enjoy 34 minutes of advanced dark surprising dubtech architextures made perfect for secluded afterhours with candles burning on the shelves.

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2002-01-13
Release-ID: thn008
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB
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