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Here it goes, Thinner brings you 4 tracks within 28 minutes of playing time from 4 different artists. The genre of these tracks is quite varying but be sure that all are related to techno in its own way. The purpose behind this 4 tracker is to introduce you to the spectrum of audio fidelity Thinner likes to provide you with. All tracks are quite decent and guarantee lots of listening fun if you like tracks which can tell stories.

The Montreal, Canada based Pheek contributes with a very atmospheric dark minimal techno track, called “Interlude”. A very smooth threatening tension buildup leads to a very eery and scary atmospheric track. Spooky effects, minimal percussion and layers shroud the track in 8 minutes of total darkness - you better don’t look whats behind you.

The swedish mediastudent and Thinner co-org Thomas Jaldemark adds a clicktechno piece which is inspired by the quite new click&cuts sound, in this case from the latest Mille Plateaux releases. Thomas says, the track “describes policemen driving on the highway while digging the track in the car hifi” - very minimalistic and clicky in it’s architecture this arrangement appears to be recommendable monotone hisspop.

Finally Joerg Schuster aka Digitalverein, from Dortmund, Germany, concludes the ep with a pretty laidback dubtechno tune. Quite a romantic track it is, with lots of delays and flanges. Its a perfect description of a pittoresque landscape covered within a urban instruzialized city. A modern piece of music - a sensual enjoyment is guaranteed.


  1. Pheek - “Interlude”
  2. Thomas Jaldemark - “Highway Patrol”
  3. Digitalverein - “Abends am Gasturm”

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2001-06-01
Release-ID: thn001
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB
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