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»Jambi« by Night Shift

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We treat textone is the same way that we treat all our labels (like our babies suckaz!!). In the coming year you will see several albums and CDs on Future Dub and Tuning Spork Family Affair and so we decided to precede all these great releases with a live album from one of Textones/Contexterrior main acts: Jambi (the tall teddy bear gangsta). This recording was taken from one of Berlins fiercest sound systems Maria am Ostbahnhof (home to some of the most outrageous club nights in berlin). There are no laptops involved with this recording – and we say this with pride! This is a drum machine and groovebox bomb-a-thon! The recording is also a preview into some of the coming releases on Contexterriors sister label Junion and District of Corruption. Junion will launch in early 2006 with a dark and heady E.P. named After Everything to be followed by a summer smash from non other than Argenix Brito of “Mambotur” and “Senor Coconut.” Jambi is known for his dark minimalistic soundscapes and clattering reverbs - - you hear it shaking yet? Thats right, the bass is heavy – just imagine while listening to this, a big phat ass bassbin…no f- that how about 12 of them?

A continuous flow is in order, especially while performing live – this release proves that Jambi can work a dancefloor in his own style without compromising the deepness for the crowd and surroundings, making for a truly wicked experience!

We hope you find this release useful, and feel free to cut out your favorite parts and rock them in the club. You’ll find some real gems in there for the crazier moments of the night.

If anyone out there is into playing back and forth , please contact us directly - - we are really hot on that ! ))<>((

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2005-12-11
Release-ID: txtn031
Music Style: MINIMAL
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