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»Getting There EP« by Metrotechno

Cover of Getting There EP

The story behind this release spans the entire globe. With roots in the east coast of the United States, a trunk in Berlin and branches as far out as Tokyo, Japan. The various members of the Metrotechno crew live around the world. They all met and lived in Washington, DC and in 2003 moved to other Metro efficient cities. A Year later while on tour in Japan, Textone head pimp, Jay Haze, was invited to stay with the DC rejects and through the wonders of the Internet a good connection was made. The Berlin member kept Haze up to date with the musical activities of his mates until these 4 golden jams came about and the 24th release on Textone was born.

Opening the release is Donor’s “Stereotype” which dishes out headiness with a smooth melody on the low side. Next is by Bob Rogue’s “The Frogs Have Returned,” based on an old recording revolving around an inside joke with his French friends. Quirky, futuristic and punch full of frogs! Third comes a melodic jam from Jambi, “Running on Ice”. Funk borrowed from the steel drum player on the street corner, heavy with bass and melting groove. Closing the release is fantastic twilight zone track, “Revision” from Donor. Higher up in BPM, but deeper in the groove with a touch of an eerie undertone to question your sanity.

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2005-02-05
Release-ID: txtn024
Music Style: MINIMAL
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