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»Ripop EP« by Samim & Michal

Cover of Ripop EP

After Samim & Michals dazzling debut EP Dini Mueter featuring the anthem I know you wanna ride my Cadillac (Stattmusik07/Neuton) and the newly available F EP on Tuning Spork featuring the tracks she got the f, msod and dirty big mouse (Tuningspork012/Word and Sound) they return with another funky mother on textone: the Ripop EP.

With its low-down make-no-mistake-about-it attitude, ripop is a track bound to tighten up your house: delivering a payload of paranoid, futuristic soundscapes, monumental breakdowns and minute moments of sonic intimacy collateral damage is assured.

Backae is an assembly of frolicking sprites messing up your cellar. Deep and dubby patterns collide and constantly interchange themes what a wicked thing to do.

Stupidjam is a front-line effort at diplomacy. Mounted with its heavy bass its sure to get those mothers moving to this extensive jam experience.

Samim & Michal: highly competitive, accountable and never forgetting the shareholder value.

NOTE: some users experienced problems playing back these files with Windows Media Player. We have uploaded new versions to that should not suffer from these problems anymore. Please download this release from there until we have replaced files here at the archive.

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2004-10-10
Release-ID: txtn021
Music Style: MINIMAL – HOUSE
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