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»Prefer Summer EP« by Ricardo vs. Jay

Cover of Prefer Summer EP

One year of Textone, 20 releases, more than 100 individual tracks, more than 150000 downloads. Thank you for making the past twelve months such a great experience! As a birthday present to us and you, we are releasing Contexterrior’s sold-out summer record by Ricardo Villalobos and Jay Haze for free.

An artistic tandem jump if you will, “Prefer Summer” is a melancholic summer hit. Melodic and deep filled with endless progression and relentless syncopation. This one is bound for the special moments when the party needs an extra kick. “Cactus Love” - is a stomper. 4 to the floor bass killer with the kind of sound design one can expect from Villalobos and Haze. Minimal funk in every possible way. The final vinyl track - “Archive” - is a delicate techno-blues track. An after-party killer wrapped in reverbs and in your face bass lines.

On top of the original tracks from Contexterrior 08 you can find three exclusive remixes not available on vinyl. With Jambi, a core Textone artist is sizing up the dancefloor in his pumping reinterpretation. Cabanne, rocking here in his trademark minimal snippet funk, is the head of French minimal label Telegraph, which is best known for its Post Office compilation series. Philadelphia-based Sean O’Neal aka Someone Else crawls deep into his reverb and fx boxes to close out the EP shuffle-style. Sean co-founded Tuning Spork Records with the Textone crew back in 1999, recently released on Musik Krause and now runs his own vinyl label Foundsound.

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2004-09-05
Release-ID: txtn020
Music Style: TECHHOUSE
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