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»One step from the edge on all sides« by Jay Haze

Cover of One step from the edge on all sides

as our first repeat offender on textone, jay haze brings you the em-effin’ ruckus on his latest ep. no joke. minimal funk straight from the pressure cooker onto your plate and palate. a little spicey, but hey, that’s good for you!

the marathon track “super freak fried” delivers the soundtrack for your next kinky s&m session with the neighbor (no use in denying, we’ve been watching you all along). if you just want to dance, that’s ok, too. “africa” goes on a shopping trip at the organic corner store and brings back all kinds of moisty-fresh dub elements. “in the know” chooses a drier route of stripped minimal crackling, complete with ringing gunshot snares and assorted noisy hoopla. “acid pimp” completes the menu metronome-style with just a splash of analog bleeps for evening discombobulation. are you with us?

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2004-04-06
Release-ID: txtn014
Music Style: TECHHOUSE
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