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»Ultrachrome EP« by Hakan Lidbo

Cover of Ultrachrome EP

Stockholm’s Hakan Lidbo is a man of many talents and innumerable releases - his production credits have by now reached the triple digits, covering everything from detroit-compatible techno to cheeky synth-pop with mass appeal on labels including powerhouses such as Planet E and Force Inc. Besides his prodigious production work, Hakan is busy running his own publishing and promotion company, Container, which aims at raising the profile of Scandinavian artists worldwide. Textone is especially proud to be the first to introduce this high-caliber artist to the netaudio community.

With “Ultrachrome” Hakan delivers five essential minimal rockers bound to become the dancefloor “killer apps” of this spring. The EP is characterized by Dirty bass sounds meshed with electrostatic crackles and an irresistibly shuffling rhythm section. These are tracks stripped down to the purest form of dancefloor functionality, executed with the sure hand of a longterm production technique master.

Need some further description before downloading? Here you go…The oscillation step-sequence pattern of the opener “Ultrachrome” is a hit. Period. “Hipocrites” throws you into an inescapable high voltage feedback loop bound to take control of your feet on the floor. “Mass Reduced” is a bass boiler room with eery pads and organic gargles and blurps. “Froken Ur” has more delicate structures with lots of space inbetween to examine. “Elektroplasma” finishes off on a dubby note with subdued minor chords echoing off into far distances.

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2004-02-15
Release-ID: txtn012
Music Style: MINIMAL – HOUSE
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