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»Pesto Pasta EP« by Starch Boy

Cover of Pesto Pasta EP

Inspired by months of feasting on pasta and belgian frites, Starch Boy emerges from the depths of self discipline and introspection, where he has been living for the last year (and might retreat back to for many years to come). Starch Boy’s debut EP on Textone has the funk and flavor to make your booty bend, no stale junk here baby.

When Starch Boy moved to Amsterdam in January 2003 he had only two things on his mind: to eat alot of pasta and to produce an EP for textone within 12 months. He said to me “Jay, I want to eat alot of pasta and produce an EP for textone within 12 months” (his exact words). Well, after one year, a thousand beers, 300,000 frites and enough pasta to feed a Tanzanian village, the Starchy one actually delivers! The fine EP features five songs ranging from minimal sub vibes over funky chopped up house to straight dancefloor funk. It comes just days before Starch Boy moves to a new city (Paris, ooh la la!) where he will invent another incredibly impossible starch-based mission (that of course he and only he can conquer).

“Sokoban” is a funky piece of work, the song slips and slides along with tweaky tones, a B4 organ and a flushing pad that pushes ahead…….quirky, yet deep and groovy.

“Back to Basics” is the most pumpin song on this ep , a mofo that just bleeps and chuggs forward bearing funky quirk quirk percussion, simple but catchy melody and an old school walking bassline. A must for the packed floor (yeah mama!!)

“Fietsfight” starts off all moody and serious, but by the time the grainy pads fall with a melody… you start to see the humor in this song. A funkin funny bassline brains this beeyotch. Probably the most laid back song on this release , but still suitable for many occasions, including late night tea, with pommes frites or random breads and cheese)

“Eager Beaver” hits you with a big in your face bass, random shuffling percussive noises, machine malfunction burps and a breakdown that leaves you on the edge of your seat, like ‘When is the bass gonna drop in, Dude ?’ A very fun song that will remind you of your younger years.

“Rangoon” finally is the bassiest jawn on here. For the late nighty nights, this one is minimal and psychedelic. Sounds like that crazy kid in the corner all night - you know the one that didn’t look at anyone , but smiled the whole time. For fans of contexterrior or background.

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Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2003-11-30
Release-ID: txtn008
Music Style: MINIMAL – HOUSE
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