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»turm3disko EP« by Baier Box

Cover of turm3disko EP

Dominick Baier and Bao-Nghi Droste are not in a hurry - and we should be thankful for that. The laid-back arrangements of “turm3disko” grant each of their meticulously crafted sequences ample time to self-assuredly strut their stuff and show off on the mental catwalk before remeshing with neighboring sound threads to form tight-knit yet surprisingly flexible textures. Much attention is paid to intricate surface detail, yet all songs are based on a profound understanding of deepness. Inbetween the high and low ends - vast expanses of open space to wander, wonder, and get swept up by the meandering pads probing the boundaries of consonance. “Hitpotential” sways and swaggers its way directly into your heart, “Glitchfu_k” proves that edgy oddness can be formed into a captivating groove, while “Beatliner” is a giant steam engine churning out dense bass puffs under overcast electro skies. As a special encore, Mannheim’s _lounge collaborator Nanospeed reworks the ethereal “Atmung”, sending it through an industrial bread slicer and reassembling the pieces into a triple-layer club sandwich.

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2003-11-04
Release-ID: txtn004
Music Style: TECHHOUSE
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