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»Whats dat smell? EP« by Kero

Cover of Whats dat smell? EP

With “Whats dat smell?”, dual G4 laptop warrior Kero delivers five glimpses into the schizoid brilliance of his next-generation Detroit sound. Raised on a healthy diet of Motor city techno, Kero manages to incorporate early influences while creating a completely new and boldly innovative oeuvre. His trademark style of scattered percussion freakfests over droning, hovering electro pads, first unleashed on the “CFC Windsor” album on Berlin’s Shitkatapult label, finds ample expression in the laidback flatulence of “groovytour”, the frantic acid-redesign in “44shizat”, and the post-industrial loungecore of “finallame-2”. Interspersed are two technoid chuggers for the 4/4 floor: the shifty “shuf1”, which expresses a predilection for a certain german syncopation pattern, and the gritty and oh-so-descriptively named “44kero001.”. An allround media wiz, Kero also designed the artwork for this release. Keep an eye out for his new vinyl label, “Detroit Underground”, expected in stores this fall.

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2003-11-04
Release-ID: txtn003
Music Style: ELECTRO
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