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»oo's EP« by René Breitbarth

Cover of oo's EP

Floor-friendly four-tracker by Cologne’s René Breitbarth. Known for smooth-as-hell tech house, this man has become a true veteran of the community with double digit EP releases on Treibstoff, Sub Static, Pokerflat, and Tongut; a superb full-length album; and innumerable compilation credits.

Blessed with the feel for a great hook line, René’s German funk is a sure winner with the house crowd (on either side of the Atlantic), but he is also driving enough to keep technoid listeners engaged on the dancefloors. Foonky invites you to semi-self-conscious booty wiggling with tastefully interspersed guitars. Groowie brings a simple but oh-so effective syncopated synth bass to the plate. Bongoone and Woosave delve into deeper regions of minor melodies - your soundtrack to night-time Cologne skinny dipping in the Rhine underneath the railroad bridge.

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2003-11-04
Release-ID: txtn001
Music Style: TECHHOUSE
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