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»Intelligent Toys: We Make Music« by Various Artists

Cover of Intelligent Toys: We Make Music

Although last time we wrote that we don’t know if there is going to be sixth volume of Intelligent Toys deep in our hearts we already knew that we won’t dare to be so cruel. So we are glad to bring to the sunlight this compilation.

This time instead of cinic and cold number we have decided to give it a title - We Make Music. We want to skip the long talk and sincerely thank each of the artists that laid their hands on this part of Intelligent Toys. Those who have not made into this release forgive us (we could surely release a new part of this compilation from the remaining tracks). We Make Music is just like the rest of our releases - we love and embrace it. We believe that this music will find a warm and cozy place in your heart.

Netlabel: Sutemos
Release Date: 2010-05-03
Release-ID: sute027
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