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»K0ma Proj3ct« by 3tronik

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Deletion of the behavior of the day before / absence of a conscious activity. The musical atmosphere of K0mat Proj3t is the simple result of a state of mind touching the long coma of consciousness on myself. And on the free will between music and spirit.

  1. Morphix
  2. Have A Nice Day
  3. Output 1/2A
  4. Krush
  5. M3kanik Wak3 Up
  6. Memory


Florin Fabien aka 3tronik was born in Villeneuve D’asq near Lille (North Of France at the Belgium border) in 1978. He discovered the electronik music when he was 14 and became an Autechre, Aphex twin, Brothomstates, Richard Devine, Matmos and etc. fan. He began a dj with one of his friends. At the age of 19 he met Emmanuel Top (Mute Records) who also lived in the North of France. He tought him to use machines and sequencer. Now, he really found his way into the world of the Electro/IDM music. And 3 years ago, an artist and spirit of 3tronik were born.

Netlabel: Sutemos
Release Date: 2004-09-08
Release-ID: sute001
Music Style: IDM
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