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»12.11« by SMBP

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smbp (sunday morning brain production) is an electronic duo from italy. this recording that they present on surfaces, ‘12.11 ep’, is quite hard to classify. it is dubby, slow-paced and metronomic, filled by echoes and pierced by panned effects. geometric rhytmic structures and isolated ambience allow for architectural analogies. this music is best described by being called a sonic reflection of functional and monotonous bauhaus architecture. precise straight lines are interrupted by scarce curves, creating a subtle dynamic. the interesting effect of this work is in that it seems to have a beginning, but no end. music slowly fades away in the end, and something is left unsaid, making the listener hear the sounds for a few more moments

Netlabel: Surfaces
Release Date: 2005-01-30
Release-ID: srfc014
Music Style: MINIMAL – DUB
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