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»Moments Of Absence« by Electro

Cover of Moments Of Absence

as you remember, lithuanian artist electro has contributed a track to surfaces’ starting release, va – surfaces compilation. now it’s time for a full album. ‘moments of absence’ is a gallery of darker sides of music. electro is very much into dubby minimalistic drum sequences, fast and slow breakbeats, dark digitized atmospherics and reverberated tripping sounds. the work is quite diverse, which is an obvious plus: from dubby minimalism to dark downbeat, deep static techno and even melancholic drum’n’bass in the closing, all in electro’s own, distinctive sounding. everything is sharp, precise, somewhat cold, yet very emotional and vivid. surfaces’ favourite is the ‘background of tomorrow’, but others are just as beautiful. if you enjoy deep, dark, rich sounds - don’t miss this album, it’s very much worth having for the darker moments and moods of the mid-autumn

Netlabel: Surfaces
Release Date: 2004-10-06
Release-ID: srfc011
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