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»Flower_TV« by Dayeight

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the work on this dayeight’s half-hour long composition has been started even before the work on ‘poemepostmoderne’ (srfc006), but took longer to finish. the audio track is meant to be a part of an audiovisual installation of the same title (a collaboration between dayeight and m3wE of miglos_lab). while the visual part is still being created, you can listen to the full audio version in this release

flower_tv is a symbol for a utopic world where life is taken out of the context. this world is an alternative to the real postmodern world with its distorted values, hidden propaganda and overemphasized subjectivity. a flower is a simple creature that is yet complex and perfect because of its beauty, beauty that is perfectly objective and does not need any connotations or explanations to it. it is a simple and true object, one that a human spirit is so longing for in the age of multiple meanings and truths that become so overwhelming. flower_tv does not show politics and disgusting outcomes of the routine that destroys human dignity. flower_tv shoes a human way to the simple and real truth – the truth of genuine beauty. this way goes from the unawareness of oneself, through the search of hidden meaning and purpose, to the ultimate and full realisation of oneself, the realisation of one’s one and only true way – to be oneself and to look inward in the search of beauty. all meaning is right there - inside each self-conscious creative human being. it is not hidden, when one wants to find it and knows where to search for it. it is simple and true. it is like a flower

the long composition takes elements of clicks’n’cuts, new wave analogue electronica and freejazz to create a slightly weird sonic blend. it consists of 3 logical parts that have their own distinctive mood and rhythmics and correspond to 3 stages of human self-understanding:

[spectation] - the very first stage of the human transformation, when one lives without realising who and what one is. this kind of life is like merely watching around and not finding any inspiration. yet something tells the human that one does not fit into where one is

[transition] - this is when conflict begins. a conflict between what one sees and what one wants to see. a human wonders if there is anything outside of this reality, something that is true and ultimate, not subjective and relative

[introspection] - one finds the desired perfect reality within oneself. this reality is absolutely objective and true. this is where truth, meaning and beauty come from. this is the most perfect place for a human being, so close and yet so hard to reach

Netlabel: Surfaces
Release Date: 2004-09-01
Release-ID: srfc010
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