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»Poemepostmoderne« by Dayeight

Cover of Poemepostmoderne

the last track from this debut ep, “27 ~ 28” was heard on srfc001, the surfaces starting compilation. now the whole ep is out, with somewhat better sound quality, cover art and even some free poetic text variations that make the sounds more concrete and associative (well, almost…)

musically, this release is hardly categorisable. it has elements of glitch, some industrial, retro electronica, and indie pop. “monday” is reminiscent of 60’s sound experiments, with its distorted synth and heavy use of electric organ drones. “esquize” is a light excursion into the realm of indie synthpop, with the sound of vibraphone coming in somewhere along the road. “substitute” starts off like a repetitive industrial structure, and unfolds into deep pads with ethereal synths and string synth, only to come back to the same industrial-like loop state near the end. the last track, “27 ~ 28”, features cinematic tranquil and minimalistic synth chords against a machine-like noisy background

overall, the ep is quite diverse in its over 20 min length, and presents the listener with surprising mood shifts. perhaps this music is just about unexpected mystical situations that are indeed somewhere very near. music without any political agenda, just a story about the beauty of everyday. don’t forget to read the text included in the cd covers’ zip

Netlabel: Surfaces
Release Date: 2004-02-19
Release-ID: srfc006
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