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»Poussière« by Muhr

Cover of Poussière

Number fourteen at Serein marks the most welcome return of Muhr, the man responsible for the first release in the Serein catalog many moons ago. Whilst Muhr has contributed many tracks to other labels in the interim, we’re honoured to present his latest offering, which may be his most confident effort yet. Poussiere (meaning ‘dust’) is very much a development of a sound Muhr has been exploring for some time, the undercurrents of previous offerings are present (notably ‘we are desolved’ and ‘la chute du romantisme en ballades’ released at Miasmah), but to my mind Poussiere reaches beyond these - the music is raw, unshackled and full of angst that grips you from the off. By no means an easy listen, Poussiere is an album that toys with your emotions, one moment lifting you above the clouds with beautiful string arrangements and toy melodies, the next dragging you down into a suffocating world of thrash guitar and dense drones. This is a beast that will take several listens to tame, and you owe it to yourself to do so.

Netlabel: Serein
Release Date: 2007-09-25
Release-ID: ser014
Music Style: AMBIENT
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