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»Atmos EP« by OCP

Cover of Atmos EP

As promised, here is the long awaited EP on Serein from Portugese artist, OCP. Those of you with a good memory will remember the contribution he made to the ‘Tracks in the Snow’ compilation at the beginning of the year, we’ve been eager to release more of his work and are now pleased to present you with ‘Atmos’. This five track EP represents perfectly what OCP is all about, combining elements of ambient and glitch through to the modest sounds of dub techno and stripping it right back to the core, we’re left with an understated and refrained collection of minimal yet utterly involving music.

Perhaps what is most striking about OCP’s compositions is their unashamedly electronic nature, you are never in doubt as to the source of the sounds, the analogue circuitry practically drips through the speaker cones, which to my mind is very satisfying indeed.

Artwork by Huw Roberts

  1. atmos one
  2. atmos two
  3. atmos three
  4. atmos four
  5. atmos five

Netlabel: Serein
Release Date: 2006-12-30
Release-ID: ser012
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