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»It's Cold in Space« by Neuf Meuf

Cover of It's Cold in Space

Well, it’s been just over two months since the last release, but we hope you’ll forgive us when you hear the new addition to the catalog and the Serein family. This is an exciting one for us as it marks several ‘firsts’ in our history. The first full length release, the first co-release, and the first time you’ll be able to get your hands on a hard copy of the music as well as the usual mp3 format - you lucky blighters! So, not only do we welcome ‘Neuf Meuf’, the recording artist, to the ranks, but also the wonderful who will be handling the manufacture, sale and distribution of the limited CD. Phew!

So, what of the music? ‘It’s cold in space’ says the title, but I’m hard pushed to find anything cold about this album. Listening to it seems the perfect accompaniment to the hot weather that’s finally found it’s way to British shores; gently plucked guitars lilting in and out of the sun drenched picture Neuf Meuf paints. Snatches of vocals and the rattle and whirr of percussion and field recordings will have you melting whether the sun is shining or not. There are darker moments here too, though. ‘Unrest unsave’, featuring vocals from ‘Sepia Hours’ plunges you into darkness and will leave you feeling quite unsettled, before raising the mood once again with the epic and enchanting ‘goldberry dreamstream’.

Eleven tracks and fifty minutes of music here that will leave you thirsty for more from this young Slovenian. Rest easy for now though, safe in the knowledge that there is enough here to keep you satisfied for a long time to come. Should you need more convincing to part with your pennies and grab a copy of the CD, the music is accompanied by wonderful artwork from Inmo Design. Hurry, while stocks last!

  1. all-math
  2. pop
  3. far enough
  4. that day
  5. zul
  6. banta pudu iii
  7. unrest unsave ft. sepia hours
  8. goldberry dreamstream
  9. ofkors
  10. vita dolce
  11. remmus

Netlabel: Serein
Release Date: 2006-04-07
Release-ID: ser009
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