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»Tracks In The Snow« by Various Artists

Cover of Tracks In The Snow

Serein is proud to announce the arrival of a very special collection of work to see in the new year. Tracks in the snow is a compilation EP featuring some familiar names and welcoming new friends for 2006. Swathed in warm analogue waves and washes, field recordings and live instrumentation are six tracks that further establish Serein’s sound as a collective. While each individual brings their own unique style to the work as a whole, it is refreshing to hear such diverse compositions that work so well together. Not to be missed.

  1. night work
  2. walking on trails
  3. odate in harmonics
  4. another dreamhouse
  5. rest near grey
  6. we packed our things and left

Netlabel: Serein
Release Date: 2006-07-19
Release-ID: ser004
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