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»Elegy« by Stephane Leonard

Cover of Elegy

When Stephane told me he had written much of this EP using his own software, that he had collected samples from all over the globe (Brighton, Manchester, New York, Bangkok, Bremen, Berlin…) and that he chose to use only these samples and the analogue instruments he plays to compose the EP, I knew I was in for a treat.

Stephane’s attention to detail is something which becomes apparent very quickly while listening to his work, rich textures build and evolve effortlessly, the organic and the electronic in perfect symbiosis. Also striking is how well the EP works as a whole, there is a definite sense of purpose and of movement throughout. As ever, this comes highly recommended.

  1. antonio
  2. gloomy monday
  3. monsieur m
  4. to be my friend

Run time 26:26

Netlabel: Serein
Release Date: 2005-11-23
Release-ID: ser003
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