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»Mnmlsm118« by Ronny Pries

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ronny pries from hamburg (.de) continues the journey heading to new sounds through better mixing skills. we already introduced the with ramx006, but with his follow-up “mnmlsm118” he already goes two steps further.

as richie hawtin very recently stated, the most important developpements in music production these days happen in improving the way to interact with the computer. therefore more and more hardware-controllers are available and software is being adapted to these interfaces.

ronny shows us his longtime experience with the latest mixing software traktor 3.0 by native instruments, and built a long and flowing mix without pre-production. using new possibilities like on-the-fly-loops and consequently concentrating on netaudio, he bundled a wide selection of high quality minimal techno of today.

get ready for the show!


  1. Plaster - Conspiracy part o1 [ARCH005]
  2. Reporter - Magic forest (glow) [LAV11]
  3. Ryan Crosson - The move [YOTM003]
  4. Tammy + Gurtz - Roller [FILTRO009]
  5. SuB - Catch this (KiNK mix) [PBPM_BOOTIE001]
  6. Vicente Rodrigues Alfaro - Clonique [ZIMMER006]
  7. Ali Khan - To a better place [CLEVER005]
  8. Betacaroteno - Bolos phone [DEFAULT001]
  9. 3Carbine - Ghostline [AVXMP3003]
  10. Anonym - Cruising the circuit [ARCH014]
  11. rktic - Spin drier (Breitbannt edit) [RATC009]
  12. Bern - Deep village 2 [SSS001]
  13. Fenin - Locked [TXTN029]
  14. Loopo - Fluid [MIGA05]
  15. No_Mad - Buscándote [PWO06]
  16. Monta - Disappointment (Diss0nance’s deconstruction rmx) [UNFOUND08]
  17. Pacou - Basic 2.0 [FUD002]
  18. Pheek - Magda had a little troll [CLEVER001]
  19. S. Mueller - REM [63_049]
  20. Stobbert - Elbe13 [INTOXIK06]
  21. Christian Quast - No way back [STADT012]
  22. Eamonn Doyle - Ghost of the machine [D1GITAL002]
  23. Ludwig Coenen & Kareem - Litchy licker [PNTG003]
  24. Remute - Klinke multi Variation [REST015]
  25. Marko Fuerstenberg - 3 (Lod remix) [SN021]
  26. G.van der Brugge - Branding [_RF017]
  27. BLM - Light [YOTM002]

Netlabel: Realaudio
Release Date: 2006-03-19
Release-ID: ramx007
Music Style: DJ MIX
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