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»Messin' With The Buttons« by Wolfgang Schubert

Cover of Messin' With The Buttons

wolfgang schubert from berne (.ch) is one of the rare virtuos laptop-performers using his own voice to transport messages in software generated music.

with a huge musical background, playing in bands as guitarist and singer for years, he blends humoristic pop elements with technoish basslines, broken beats and digital noises.

after the experience of clubnights in bristol he decided to leave his guitar for a sampler, influenced by the local drum’n’bass and downbeat scene. his stay in belfast in 1999 was characterised by a further interest in electronic music and the freaky nightlife experience in belfast. returning to berne to finish his studies in literature, he made himself honoured for his networking in the electronic music scene. his regular shows on various radio stations, dj sets and especially his energetic live-sets with the drummer michael schwarz are highly recommended.

one of his livesets recently got released on and he got invited to play at their labelnight at the desi in nuernberg. if something could open polo hofer’s ears for the soundscapes of jamie lidell, then probably this.

Netlabel: Realaudio
Release Date: 2004-02-29
Release-ID: rabr003
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