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»Organon Reinterpretations« by Various Artists

Cover of Organon Reinterpretations

for our jubilée compilation we had something special for you in our minds. we invited all musicians for their own interpretation of the musical worlds of holger flinsch’s organon [raam004].

setting guidelines like “strictly beatless”, “slowly evolving” and “no-length-restriction” made this release turn out like one endlessly-flowing-ambient-piece.

starting with a wonderful pad, switching between ice-cold and warm, kazooo’s remix is the grand opening. fernando lagreca catches the path with his version basing on a chord, slowly unfolding the theme of the original track, while rktic defintitely seeks the deepest depths in his endless mix. marko fürstenberg adds some crispy grooves, elegantly walking the thin line between rhythm and beats, while digitalis lets the elements flow like good wine in your mouth. thomas jaldemark follows the path we know from his raam003 ep, and melts his specific harmonies with the elements of holger flinsch. two em from berlin (.de), the man behind the rotary cocktail label, joins our community with his emotional remix. last but not least, navarro opens the minds even more with a suprising ride through the acoustic spectrum at the beginning, and then unfolding a warm pad for conlusion. not only for the whole release but also supposing a bow the first track again.

a fine selection of ambient interpretations from the community for our listeners. let time stand still.

Netlabel: Realaudio
Release Date: 2006-03-13
Release-ID: raam010
Music Style: AMBIENT
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