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»Nuclear Weapons Still Out Of Sight« by Thomas Jaldemark

Cover of Nuclear Weapons Still Out Of Sight

thomas jaldemark from jönköping (.se) made a brilliant reflection of the contemporary times, the increasing polarity in worldwide politics, and as one result of it the unnecessary armed-attack of iraq. regardless the misery of the thematics, his dark and clean ambient unfolds warm chords as a sign of hope and is full of variations and details.

besides his projects in industrial-music and the track for the realaudio-ambient-compilation, thomas jaldemark already released ambient as “etcetc” on and currently living in berlin he concentrates on his software only production studio.

four consequent and individual ambient-scapes, produced by one of the founders of, getting deeper with every listen.

Netlabel: Realaudio
Release Date: 2004-06-08
Release-ID: raam003
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