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»EP« by Koordinate of Wonders

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<b>Supersurgical warm front.</b>

Drawing from a spectrum of icy colds and razor sharps, yet very human and touchable, are six tracks from Belarussian group Koordinate of Wonders.

With ripped-up rhythmic understructures of hyperpanned and texturized beats the songs glide mostly, piloted by mild tentative melodies and simple pad chords. Especially in such tracks as “Living Line B” (mmm, the melody), “Amnibios” (check out the percussion in the second part of the track, so cool), and “Outside of Sphere”, their songs evoke certain characteristics of other artists in the genre like Diagram of Suburban Chaos, Proem, or Apparat.

Formed in 1998, KoW is Trimute-Ti (Drums, Keyboard, Programming) and An2one (Keyboard, Programming).

Netlabel: Please Do Something
Release Date: 2004-01-04
Release-ID: pls010
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